Nigel  Osborne

Nigel Osborne (1948)

Nationality: English
Born: June 23, 1948, Manchester (age 69)

15 work(s)

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2011 The Painters in my Garden (for 3 flutes)
2010 Stargazing (String Quartet)
2010 Journey to the End of the Night (for oboe, percussion and electronics)
2010 Botanical Studies (for oboe and percussion)
2009 Tiree (String Quartet)
2009 La Belle Hélène (for 3 flutes and cello)
2009 Dialogue (for oboe and harp)
2007 Transformations 1 (for 2 violas)
2007 Balkan Dances and Laments (for oboe, violin, viola, cello and piano)
2007 Sarajevo (for clarinet, cello and piano)
2004 The Piano Tuner (Piano Trio)
1999 String Quartet No. 1, Medicinal Songs and Dances
1991 Graffiti after Cy Twombly (String Quartet)
1991 Schleedoyer II (String Quartet)
1982 Cantata piccola (for soprano, 2 violins, viola and cello)