Elliott  Sharp

Elliott Sharp (1951)

Nationality: American
Born: March 1, 1951, Cleveland, OH (age 67)
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19 work(s)

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2011 Occam's Razor (double string quartet)
2009 The Boreal (String Quartet)
2008 Homage James Tenney (String Quartet)
2008 Seize Seas Seeth Seen (String Quartet)
2008 Homage Leroy Jenkins (for violin, clarinet and piano)
2006 Eye in the Sky (String Quartet)
2006 Light in Fog (String Quartet)
2004 95 for Ec from E Sharp (String Quartet)
1996 Lumen (String Quartet)
1994 X-Topia (String Quartet)
1993 Dispersion of Seeds (String Quartet)
1990 Twistmap (String Quartet)
1990 Shapeshifters (String Quartet)
1988 Hammer Anvil Stirrup (String Quartet)
1986 Digital (String Quartet)
1986 Tessalation Row (String Quartet)
Diurnal (String Quartet)
Ringtoss (String Quartet)
Storm of the Eye (for violin and piano)