Iannis  Xenakis

Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001)

Ιάννης Ξενάκης

Nationality: Greek | French
Born: May 29, 1922, Braïla
Died: February 4, 2001, Paris (age 78)

29 work(s)

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Date   Work 
1996 Ittidra (String Sextet)
1996 Roscobeck (for cello and bass)
1996 Hunem-Iduhey (for violin and cello)
1994 Mnamas Xapin Witoldowi Lutoslavskiemu (In Memory of Witold Lutosławski) (for 2 horns and 2 trumpets)
1994 Ergma (String Quartet)
1993 Plektó (for flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin and cello)
1992 Paille in the wind (for cello and piano)
1990 Tetora (String Quartet)
1989 Ophaa (for harpsichord and percussion)
1987 XAS (Saxophone Quartet)
1986 Akea (for piano and string quartet)
1983 Tetras (String Quartet)
1983 Khal Perr (for 2 trumpets, horn, 2 trombones and 2 percussions)
1981 Komboï (for harpsichord and percussion)
1979 Dikhthas (for violin and piano)
1978 Ikhoor (String Trio)
1977 Kottos (for solo cello)
1976 Dmaathen (for oboe and percussion)
1976 Epeï (for english horn, clarinet, trumpet, 2 trombones and bass)
1975 Psappha (for solo percussion)
1972 Linaia-Agon (for horn, trombone and tuba)
1971 Charisma (for clarinet and cello)
1969 Anaktoria (for clarinet, bassoon, horn, 2 violins, viola, cello and bass)
1966 Nomos Alpha (for solo cello)
1963-1964 Eonta (for 2 trumpets, 3 trombones and piano)
1956-1962 Morsima-Amorsima (for violin, cello, bass and piano)
1956-1962 ST/4 (String Quartet)
1958-1962 Atrées (for flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, horn, trumpet, trombone, violin, cello and 2 percussions)
1962 ST/10 (for clarinet, bass clarinet, 2 horns, harp, 2 violins, viola and cello)