Sérgio Azevedo (1968)

Nationality: Portuguese
Born: 1968 (age 50)

30 work(s)

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Date   Work 
2000 3 Peças (for violin and piano)
2000 Chipping Norton, 8 November 1950: A Birthday Card for Christopher Bochmann (for flute, clarinet, horn and trombone)
1999 Sonatina de Estio (for recorder, violin, viola, cello and harpsichord)
1999 Pastoral (for 2 oboes and english horn)
1999 7 Bagatelas (Wind Quintet)
1998 Aspetto (Wind Quintet)
1998 Sonatina (for violin and piano)
1998 Jacques sa Sonate, dite La Tourterelle (for 2 recorders and harpsichord)
1998 Serenata (for flute, oboe and bassoon)
1998 Suite de Danças (for 3 clarinets)
1998 Another Purcell Realisation: A Birthday Card for Sir Peter Maxwell Davies (for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion)
1998 3 Mecanismos (for horn and piano)
1997 Coda (for english horn, piano, viola and bass)
1997 Ricordo (for viola, bass and piano)
1997 7 Lembranças para Lopes-Graça (Wind Quintet)
1996 Clarinet Quintet
1996 Seguidilla (for flute and guitar)
1995 Sonatina
1995 Sonatina (for oboe and piano)
1995 Sonatina (for clarinet and piano)
1995 Sonatina (for bassoon and piano)
1995 Sonatina (for recorder and piano)
1995 Sonatina (for cello and piano)
1995 Trio (for flute, oboe and bassoon)
1995 Quarteto (for flute, oboe, bassoon and piano)
1994 Trans (for 4 clarinets)
1994 Clerckenwell\'s Brass Overture (Wind Quintet) (for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon and percussion)
1994 Officium Defunctorum (String Quartet)
1992 Monumentum pro Góra Kalwaria (for 4 clarinets)
1988 Passacaglia sobre um Tema de Paul Hindemith (for violin and piano)