Marc-Anthony  Turnage

Marc-Anthony Turnage (1960)

Nationality: English
Born: June 10, 1960, Corringham, Essex (age 57)

16 work(s)

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2015 Duetti d’Amore (for violin and cello)
2014 Power Play (for viola and piano)
2013 Run Riot (Saxophone Quartet)
2013 Contusion (String Quartet)
2010 Three for Two (Piano Quartet)
2010 GG (for cello and percussion)
2009 Five Processionals (for clarinet, violin, cello and piano)
2008 Four Chants (for violin and piano)
2006 Returning (String Sextet)
2005 Bleak Moments (for horn, 2 violins, viola and cello)
2004-2005 A Slow Pavane (Piano Trio)
2004 A Few Serenades (for cello and piano)
2004 A Fast Stomp (Piano Trio)
2003 A Short Procession (Piano Trio)
2003 Slide Stride (Piano Quintet)
2001 Cantilena (Oboe Quintet)