MTAC 2018 Conference Presentation

MTAC - Music Teachers' Association of California Thanks so much for attending my session at the MTAC 2018 Conference. Here is a link to the PDF of the slides as well as an earsense list of featured piano trios that you can explore. All the works feature youtube vidoes, relevant information and, where available, links to IMSLP scores. Have fun. Congratulations and thank you for being music teachers, musicians and music lovers!

Please feel free to coorespond with me at I would love to hear from you!

Early Piano Trios (Accompanied Sonatas) - PDF of Slides

List of Featured Early Piano Trios to Explore

Great Piano Trios in general

Specific musical examples from the presentation:

Corelli, Baroque Italian Trio Sonata

Mozart, Classical Viennese Piano Trio

Haydn, the famous "Gypsy" Rondo for "accompanied" piano trio