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Modes for String Quartet
1964 (age 23-24)
I want Jesus to Walk with Me (for cello and piano)
1964 (age 50-51)
String Quartet No. 2
1964 (age 55-56)
Baroque Suite (for solo cello)
1965 (age 24-25)
Fantasy (for violin and piano)
1968 (age 59-60)
Rhyme (for alto sax and piano)
1968 (age 59-60)
Moods (for viola and cello)
1969 (age 28-29)
More Than a Butler (for viola, piano and percussion)
Spring Journey (for 2 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos, bass and piano)
Piano Quintet in a minor
Reminiscence (for violin and piano)
Piano Trio No. 1
1970 (age 29-30)
Soundouts for Brass Quintet (for 3 trumpets and 3 trombones)
1970-1971 (age 45-47)
Piece (for oboe and piano)
Obscurity (for violin and piano)
Sweets for 4 Flutes (for flute quartet)